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APS is an Asian porn directory. What does that mean? Here at APS, you’ll find all the best Asian porn sites reviewed for your viewing pleasure. See which sites have the best content, the hottest Asian pornstars, and the best reputations. Use these porn site review lists to pick the best sites based on your preferences, then enjoy some high-quality Asian porn!


How do you rank the Asian porn sites on your list?  

I consider a handful of key factors when reviewing the Asian porn sites that make it into these lists.

First, the sites need to have impressive content. That means the quality of the porn videos needs to be great (HD, 4k) and the production value needs to be good (i.e., lighting, directing, script, etc.). Amateur content is acceptable, but it can’t be filmed with a cell phone camera from the ‘90s.

Second, there needs to be a variety of videos on the porn site. Quality is important, but quantity is also important when it comes to elite porn sites. The video library doesn’t need to be enormous, but any porn-lover should be able to enjoy the site’s content without getting bored for at least a few months.

Third, how attractive are the asian pornstars (or amateur women) featured in the sites’ videos? More than that, is it easy to watch more of a pornstar’s videos after seeing them in a scene? The model index of the site should be impressive and should be easy to navigate.

Fourth, and this is maybe the most important, but is the site secure and trustworthy? I experience each site myself, then I read other people’s reviews and speak with community colleagues to determine if the porn site is legitimate or sketchy. I’ll only ever recommend legitimate and trustworthy sites to you – and that’s a promise! 


Where to find good Asian porn? 

This is an easy question to answer: you’ll find all the best Asian porn right here, on this review site. I’ve made review lists for all the major Asian porn categories and sub-categories. Just click on one of these lists, browse to see the most appealing sites, and click on one and enjoy the incredible porn!

In these review lists, I prioritize site quality, appeal of pornstars or models, and trustworthiness of the website in determining if they should make it into the review list or not.

Instead of wasting hours online looking for the best sites yourself, just use my review list. And instead of rolling the dice and hoping a random Asian porn site you find online is safe, just use my review list to know which sites are trustworthy and are enjoyed by other porn-lovers. 


Why is Asian porn so popular?

Asian porn is a growing market. Maybe it has something to do with the billion-plus people in Asia, or maybe it’s because so many people around the world happen to love Asian women. There’s something to be said for the diversity within Asia, too. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian women – just to name a few – are all so vastly different from each other. Yet, they all share a similarity: they are all elegant, sexy, and sensual.

With so many different categories (e.g., Japanese, Chinese, Korean), sub-categories (e.g., best Asian lesbian porn, best Asian MILF porn), and niches of Asian porn (e.g., best Hentai porn) to enjoy, you’ll never get bored with my review lists.


Are these Asian porn sites safe? 

I’ll only ever recommend safe, legitimate, and trustworthy Asian porn sites. However, there are a few things you can do to stay safe online. First, get a VPN (virtual private network) to help keep your identity secure when you’re browsing the web. Second, consider getting some anti-virus and ad-blocker software to keep those pesky pop-ups at bay. Last, don’t click on anything sketchy and use some common sense. Do all of these things, and you should stay safe online.


How to get in touch with me?

Do you have any suggestions on how I can make this site better? Or maybe you just want to reach out and say hello! Either way, you can drop me a line below and I’ll do my best to answer as quickly as possible!


Affiliate Disclaimer

You should know that I don’t own any of the sites reviewed in these lists. I write reviews of these sites, but I am not responsible for any of the content hosted on these third-party websites. I do receive a commission when you purchase memberships to these sites through my review site, but know that this monetization does not affect my ability to deliver honest and objective reviews. If I don’t like a site, I’ll be honest about it – and that’s a promise.