Hello there, fellow porn-lover. My name is Sarumi, and I am a geisha with a burning passion for Asian porn. With years of experience in the online porn world, I am ready to finally deliver to you my gift: recommendations for the best Asian porn sites online.

Like a majestic animal foraging in the thick, luscious forests of Asia, I gather and collect all the best Asian porn sites from the farthest corners of the world. I review all these best Asian porn sites so that other porn-lovers can find the best sites that suit their interests.

If you love Asian porn as much as I do, follow me on this journey as we discover the best Asian porn sites together!


My Story: The Journey of Sarumi

I am a humanoid geisha from a small town in Asia. Truthfully, I was raised in the mountains, in part by the village people, in part by the animals of the nearby forest. My connection to nature is deep, and in my days, I have traveled all across Asia, and many other parts of the world. I have met many people, seen many faces, and during all of this time, I have also watched a lot of porn.

Porn is a global phenomenon, but in Asia, porn is something special. I learned early from my porn mentors that the world of online porn could be a dangerous place. Computer viruses, nefarious sites who wanted to steal your credit card information, and potentially worst of all, poor-quality websites with bad porn videos. These are all nightmares I try to fight back against with my porn review list.

After years of experiencing the hardships of the online porn world, I vowed to never let anyone else experience the misery I witnessed. No more computer viruses, no more stolen credit card information, and no more mediocre porn sites.

I decided to create an online Asian porn site review list, with comprehensive and thorough reviews for every website, so that porn-lovers like you could access high-quality and safe Asian porn without any headaches. 


Mission Statement: My Pledge to You 

My mission is simple and straightforward: save you time and money by recommending the best and safest Asian porn sites.

The online porn world can be vast, dangerous, and discouraging. Don’t attempt this journey alone – allow me to be your online Asian porn guide!

Instead of wasting time trying to identify good Asian porn websites, let me do the work for you. Just browse my review list and pick the sites that appear most interesting to you. Plus, know that these sites are safe, secure, and trustworthy. Premium sites, free sites, niche sites – I’ve included all the best categories of Asian porn sites in my review list.

My pledge to you is that you can always find high-quality, safe, and trustworthy Asian porn sites right here, at AsianPornSites.com.

My Core Values


There is a lot to be admired within the Asian porn community. When it comes to Asian adult xxx sites, there is a rich diversity to be celebrated, and I do my best to pay homage to the many scintillating sub-categories of Asian porn. I cater to a very wide spectrum of tastes, and when it comes to porn, nothing is off the table!


The Asian porn world is developing faster than many can keep up – and this is especially the case with online Asian porn content. New sites are popping up, new sub-niches are emerging, and new pornstars are being introduced to porn-lovers daily. I’ll always be up-to-date on the hottest porn trends, the newest releases from the biggest (and emerging) studios, and the hottest young (18+) Asian pornstars.


Of course, Asian porn is a cut above many other categories of porn. But within the Asian porn world, I promise to deliver only the highest quality porn sites for your viewing pleasure. Consider this an elite list of the most popular, most prestigious, and most elegant porn sites you’ll ever visit. Expect nothing but excellence when it comes to the Asian porn reviewed on this site.