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03 March, 2024

Top 30 Hottest & Best Asian Pornstars in 2024


Asian ladies are damn hot and sexy, with their exotic bodies that reflect pure sensuality, they are truly a gift to the world of porn. So many of these women have graced the stage of erotica and given in to the need to explore themselves sexually on screens. Either they perform with men, their fellow women, or as they pleasure themselves, these ladies were made to get fans excited. 

There are probably thousands of exciting Asian pornstars out there, so many that one can not even begin to count. For this reason, we have gone and done our in-depth research into the scintillating world of the hottest Asian pornstars out there for you. With this list, you will find the very best of Asian female pornstars without having to waste your time exploring the bottom barrels of Asian porn. This list will give your horny wet cunts 30 exotic pornstars that have taken their sucking, fucking, and self-pleasuring game to the next level in porn.


Top 30 Hottest Asian Pornstars in 2024: Ranked


Top Asian Pornstars #30: Kianna Dior

kianna dior porn

Birthday: November 1964

Ethnicity: Chinese/Scottish 

Nationality: Canadian 

Height: 5’4

Measurements: 28/35/25

Bra Size: D 

We’ll be starting things off quite busty and heavy with this absolute beauty named Kianna Dior. With such huge tits and how she uses them to create erotic scenarios and excitement in horny fans, it’s no surprise she makes this list. 

Kianna gives very sensual titty fucks, I can only imagine her rubbing those huge jugs on my face. She doesn’t make this list just because of her humongous tits, she is an around exceptional pornstar that has been in adult entertainment for quite some time initially starting her career as a stripper in Vancouver. She uses her breasts to add to her sensual effect. 

Where to Find Kianna Dior Scenes

As an around porn slut, Kianna has been featured in Brazzers and many other porn sites.


Top Asian Pornstar #29: Katana

katana porn

Birthday: June, 1995

Ethnicity: Chinese/Japanese 

Nationality: Spanish 

Height: 5’4

Measurements: 36/24/25

Bra Size: D

The ever-tantalizing chinese pornstar and extremely beautiful Katana also makes this list. A sexy enchantress with a unique mix of Asian and European flair and a banging body that always has viewers drooling. Being a huge fan of porn herself, Katana decided to start her career in porn in 2016. Katana is all over the place with her content, she could sometimes feature with other exotic female stars like herself or take multiple dicks in intense gangbangs like it’s nothing. 

Katana comes in at 29 on this list because there is still so much more to be expected from such a kinky pornstar, she often shows off a bit of amateurish displays in her scenes but she would get any porn lover hard and wanking for hours.

Where to Find Katana Scenes

You can find Katana on Brazzers.


Top Asian Pornstar #28: Jayden Lee

jayden lee porn

Birthday: June, 1993

Ethnicity: Korean/Vietnamese 

Nationality: American 

Height: 5’7

Measurements: 33/22/33

Bra Size: D

Here we have not just another Gemini fox but also one with tits that just don’t quit. Jayden Lee is extremely hot and knows exactly how to show all of that to any audience watching. No surprise about how great Jayden is at porn, wouldn’t expect anything less from a lady of Korean and Vietnamese descent. Jayden makes this list at no 28 for seamlessly combining all the exciting qualities fans love to see. 

Where to Find Jayden Lee Scenes

You can find Jayden Lee on Evil Angel.


Top Asian Pornstar #27: Katsuni

katsuni porn

Birthday: April, 1979

Ethnicity: Vietnamese/French

Nationality: French 

Height: 5’7

Measurements: 31/25/33 

Bra Size: D 

At 27, we have a real diva that slips into all categories of porn with ease. Katsuni is not just beautiful but also extremely hot. You suckers would have dreams of kissing her all over her sexy body. 

Unfortunately, Katsuni is retired and now goes by the name Celene Tran but with how much she was able to achieve in the industry, no way she doesn’t make the list.

Where to Find Katsuni Scenes

She has been featured in some of the biggest porn networks including Brazzers.


Top Asian Pornstar #26: Morgan Lee

morgan lee porn

Birthday: March, 1993

Ethnicity: Asia 

Nationality: American 

Height: 5’1

Measurements: 32/26/36

Bra Size: A

An AVN and Nightmoves award winner with a knack for taking it rough, at 26 we have Morgan Lee. This brunette with a tasty body loves taking it from behind while whoever the lucky guy is that gets to fuck her sexy ass grabs her neck from behind. With tits that are gorgeous and an ass so portable, no way Morgan does not make the list. 

I can’t count how many times I have imagined exchanging positions while we take turns sucking all the juices out of our pussy. 

Where to Find Morgan Lee Scenes

You can find many of her scenes on the Brazzers network


Top Asian pornstar #25: Kalina Ryu

kalina ryu porn

Birthday: December, 1984

Ethnicity: Korean/Welsh

Nationality: American 

Height: 5’4


Bra Size: A 

Always being a sucker for anything that could bring her easy money, Kalina finally found porn. All she has to do is use what she has to get whatever she wants. Right from her first scene, Kalina has always been a natural at porn. She particularly enjoys her time with women where all they do is touch, such, and fuck everything out of each other. 

Since becoming a pornstar in 2013, Kalina has worked with a whole bunch of erotic porn studios and pulled off performances of a lifetime which has earned her the number 25 spot on this list. She is also featured in the top korean pornstars list

Where to Find Kalina Ryu Scenes

Kalina has also been featured on big-time porn websites such as Brazzers


Top Asian pornstar #24: Christy Love

christy love porn

Birthday: May, 1992

Ethnicity: Korean/Norwegian 

Nationality: American 

Height: 5’5

Measurements: 32/26/31

Bra Size: A

Christy Love is a real watch when it comes to actually getting down. This diva is not just in the game for money or fame. You can tell by how she moans sensually that she loves what she does and enjoys exploring every aspect of her sexy self with other stars. One very admirable quality about this minx is that she’s a squirting goddess, Christy Love can squirt for days! 

Christy makes the list at 24 because of her exciting solo masturbation sessions which thrill viewers, her girl-on-girl action that’s to die for, and her all-round great sex content. 

Where to Find Christy Love Scenes

You can find Christy Love on Brazzers.


Top Asian pornstar #23: Kendra Spade

kendra spade porn

Birthday: May, 1998

Ethnicity: Filipino 

Nationality: American 

Height: 5’4

Measurements: 35/25/35

Bra Size: B

A top-notch porn slut, to say the least, it’s no surprise Kendra Spade makes the list of the top 30 Asian pornstars. Since shooting her first scenes in 2017, Kendra has been in high demand not just for her dashing physical looks but also for her heavy filmography in the Industry. 


She has done it all in porn and at such a young age too. Kendra is one of the best in the industry when it comes to taking multiple loads of cumshots on her face. She always wants good dick, needs it, and loves to take it. 

Where to Find Kendra Spade Scenes

You can find Kendra Spade on Brazzers, RealityKings and Pure Taboo.


Top Asian pornstar #22: Honey Gold

honey gold porn

Birthday: July, 1993

Ethnicity: Cantonese/Cherokee Indian 

Nationality: American 

Height: 5’4

Measurements: 31/24/34

Bra Size: B

Almost nothing sweeter than golden sex. Honey Gold is right there with all the other best Asian Pornstars when it comes to exciting porn content. This pretty thing makes the list at no 22. Now imagine the perfect petite Asian, Honey Gold slips into that role perfectly.

Honey isn’t particular about who gets to fuck her, she could take on a guy or even a couple of guys like it’s nothing. Thankfully, she is also very good with the ladies and has been featured with other exciting Pornstars like Whitney Wright, Megan Rain and so many more. 

Where to Find Honey Gold Scenes

You can find Honey Gold on Brazzers.


Top Asian pornstar #21: CJ Miles

cj miles porn

Birthday: April, 1984

Ethnicity: Filipino 

Nationality: American 

Height: 4’8

Measurements: 33/24/31

Bra Size: C

At 21, we have CJ Miles and no, I’m not talking about the basketball player. I could go on and on about why this diva makes the list but let’s not kid ourselves loves, we all know why. 

She brings a certain sophisticated atmosphere to her porn. People who know much about her know she is well educated and has a degree but also could throw down her sexy ass. Cj always wanted to explore what experience porn would be like and with someone being so keen on such, you wouldn’t expect anything but quality sex entertainment. 

Where to Find CJ Miles Scenes

You can find CJ Miles on Brazzers, BangBros, etc.


Top Asian pornstar #20: Kaylani Lei

kaylani lei porn

Birthday: August 1980

Ethnicity: Chinese/Filipino 

Nationality: Singaporean 

Height: 4’11

Measurements: 35/24/34

Bra Size: B

Finally, the top 20, shit is getting real now so you sleazebags better not go anywhere because there is so much more to uncover. At number 20, we have the one and only Kaylani Lei. 

Kaylani is extremely good at porn. She has a keen interest in having sumptuous sex with other ladies like herself which makes her lesbian porn some of the best of any Asian porn star around. Kaylani has also been nominated for various awards in the Industry on several occasions which has therefore earned her a spot in our top 20.

Where to Find Kaylani Lei Scenes

You can find Kaylani Lei on RealityKings.


Top Asian pornstar #19: Marica Hase

marica hase porn

Birthday: September 1981

Ethnicity: Asian 

Nationality: Japanese 

Height: 5’2

Measurements: 33/23

Bra Size: B 

Marica Hase is one of the biggest names to ever come out of the Japanese porn industry. She found her way into the American porn industry where all she could do was move up on the ladder. Marica doesn’t care so much about the differences, all she wants to do is have fun and enjoy her time exploring every single sex move or niche she can get her hands on. 

In 2013, Marica became the first Japanese pornstar ever to be tagged as the Penthouse Magazine’s “Pet of the Month”, a huge feat considering she had to break into the American porn industry just about a year earlier in 2012.

Where to Find Marica Hase Scenes

You can find Marica Hase on Brazzers.


Top Asian pornstar #18: Ayumi Anime

ayumi anime porn

Birthday: October 1989 

Ethnicity: Korean 

Nationality: American 

Height: 5’7

Measurements: 33/25/31

Bra Size: C

Being a model before finding her way into porn, Ayumi already knew how to expose her ever-tantalizing sex appeal. She is always very comfortable with getting naked no matter where she is or what she has to do. Ayumi might be of Korean descent but does not mind choosing a Japanese name for her official stage name. 


Ayumi is more of a new Asian pornstar than the rest but with how fast she is rising, especially in her exciting lesbian porn scenes, only the sky’s the limit for this enchantress. In her words, she has always just wanted to be a beautiful sex symbol. 

Where to Find Ayumi Anime Scenes

You can find Ayumi Anime on Brazzers.


Top Asian pornstar #17: Saya Song

saya song porn

Birthday: April 1986

Ethnicity: Korean

Nationality: Korean- American 

Height: 5’2

Measurements: 32/22/33

Bra Size: D 

My horny sissies out there would particularly love this bitch because she’s so much more into girls and prefers pussy on pussy erotic action.  Saya earns her spot on this list not just because of how entertaining she is but also how so many other pornstars both ladies and guys alike dream of sharing the stage with her. 

Some say she knows how to use her tongue so well that she can make any motherfucker cum in seconds. She was nominated for the Urban X “Best Anal Performer Award” in 2019.

Where to Find Saya Song Scenes

You can find Saya Song on Evil Angel.


Top Asian pornstar #16: Ember Snow

ember snow porn

Birthday: February 1981

Ethnicity: Filipino 

Nationality: Arab/American 

Height: 5’2

Measurements: 36/28/40

Bra Size: E

Don’t even get me started on this fine minx, there’s just something that gets me wet anytime I watch how this fox gets down. She could peg, take it in her ass, gangbangs, get all tied up and still perform at a very high level. 

Since starting her career in 2017, Ember has already been featured in some of the big production companies in the United States including Team Skeet, Wicked Pictures and so much more where she has garnered millions of views on most of her videos. 

Where to Find Ember Snow Scenes

You can find Ember Snow on Brazzers, Reality Kings, etc.


Top Asian pornstar #15: Asa Akira

asa akira porn

Birthday: January 1985

Ethnicity: Japanese 

Nationality: American 

Height: 5’2

Measurements: 31/22/31

Bra Size: C 

It is impossible to talk about Asian pornstars without mentioning an absolute Hall of Famer, a sexy diva that has been having our pussies wet for quite a while. Any real porn love knows who this fine-ass bitch is, without any doubt you all have come across this big-time porn slut in your pursuits for pure and passionate masturbation sessions. With all her years of experience, Asa Akira has done it all in porn. 

She particularly loves it either by taking huge dicks in her tiny ass hole or being tied up while different men make her suck their fat cocks one after the other. Asa makes this list not just because of her experience and exotic fucking but also because of her video catalog which is so large, anybody who has seen all her videos fully must have been all cummed out by now. 

Where to Find Asa Akira Scenes

You can find Asa Akira on Brazzers and Evil Angel.


Top Asian pornstar #14: Jasmine Grey

jasmine grey porn

Birthday: April 1995

Ethnicity: Asian 

Nationality: American 

Height: 4’9

Measurements: 30/23/29

Bra Size: A

Oh yes! The fine-ass Jasmine Grey, a lady anybody that loves porn would dream of an experience with. It may not really matter if you love porn or not, Jasmine has this enchanting capacity to get anybody horny and for that reason, Jasmine just has to make the list of the best Asian pornstars in the game. 

Before going fully into porn in 2016, Jasmine initially started her career as a cam girl and sometimes, still switches things up for her fans to have more intimate and personal virtual experiences with her. Jasmine is all about pleasure whether it’s with men, women, or even just by herself which she is so good at. 

Where to Find Jasmine Grey Scenes

You can find Jasmine Grey on Brazzers, Met Art and POVD.


Top Asian pornstar #13: Ellie Lee

ellie lee porn

Birthday: April 1987

Ethnicity: Korean 

Nationality: American 

Height: 5 ft 5

Measurements: 32/24/35

Bra Size: B


Beginning her career originally as a cam girl, Ellie thrilled her audience with passionate sex bouts with both men and women alike. With how naturally and sexually gifted Ellie is, she quickly rose to stardom in such a short time and entered the realm of mainstream porn media.

Ellie is also vastly interactive on social media where she posts sultry pictures you ladies would find yourselves rubbing your clit to for hours. 

Where to Find Ellie Lee Scenes

You can find Ellie Lee on Team Skeet.


Top Asian pornstar #12: Jade Kimiko

jade kimiko porn

Birthday: February 2000

Ethnicity: Asian

Nationality: American 

Height: 5’2

Measurements: 32/24/34

Bra Size: A

Young and stunningly beautiful is what I’ll describe Jade Kimiko as. Jade is one of the relatively new Asian pornstars making the rounds in the industry, we started seeing her on our screens not so long ago and now her name is everywhere. I mean, whoever doesn’t know about this Asian delicacy is missing out on a lot. 

Her content is extremely erotic and pleasing, she too also does everything she can to ensure that whoever she’s fucking and all you horny freaks out there watching have the best time with her. 

Where to Find Jade Kimiko Scenes

Jade comes in at number 12 because she merits it and you could always go check out why on websites like Family Strokes and Team Skeet


Top Asian pornstar #11: Chloe Surreal

chloe surreal porn

Birthday: November 1998

Ethnicity: Filipino. 

Nationality: American 

Height: 5’4

Measurements: 36/26/40

Bra Size: D

Starting right at the top in 2022, Chloe can be considered to be one of the new Asian pornstars in the sex game. Chloe filmed her debut scene with Team Skeet and gave a truly surreal and passionate performance with an already seasoned pornstar named Isaiah Maxwell. Her debut immediately shot her career to the very top. 

Where to Find Chloe Surreal Scenes

She has already been featured in many other studios and articles including Twistys, Naughty America, and is truly one of the Top Korean pornstars so it’s no surprise that such a naturally gifted porn model makes the top Asian pornstars list.


Top Asian pornstar #10: Brenna Sparks

brenna sparks porn

Birthday: February 1992

Ethnicity: Asian 

Nationality: American 

Height: 5’5

Measurements: 31/27/35

Bra Size: C

Yayy! Here we are at the motherfucking top 10 best Asian pornstars, hope you guys are as excited as I am because, at number 10, we have the gracious Brenna Sparks. It’s crazy that Brenna is making the top 10 on this list being that she is also one of the new Asian pornstars only just utilizing her sexual prowess but when you see how nasty this bitch could get then you’ll understand exactly why. 

One thing is for sure, the name “Sparks’ suits her perfectly because her content is damn sparkling and shocking. This porn queen takes erotic porn to another level and just lets whoever is lucky enough to grace the set with her to do whatever he or she wants while she takes it all in. 

Where to Find Brenna Sparks Scenes

You can find Brenna Sparks on Brazzers and Evil Angel.


Top Asian pornstar #9: Honey Moon

honey moon porn

Birthday: April 1995 

Ethnicity: Asian 

Nationality: American 

Height: 5’4

Measurements: 34/26/36

Bra Size: D

Oh, she calls herself honey but she fucks so yummy. Honey Moon comes in at number 9 on this list. Honey is a petite yet busty Asian that you could say loves cock more than anything. The sex appeal of this fox is just crazy, let alone the way she explores her sexy body in her scenes. 

Honey loves riding cocks till her pussy is cum filled, she makes sure she takes every single drop of cum out of whoever gets to fuck her. She has featured with some big stars like JMac and took his massive cock like it was nothing.

Where to Find Honey Moon Scenes

You can enjoy some of her best videos on Brazzers and Team Skeet.


Top Asian pornstar #8: Cindy Starfall

cindy starfall porn

Birthday: November 1989

Ethnicity: Asian 

Nationality: Vietnamese 

Height: 5’1

Measurements: 31/24/33

Bra Size: B

A dashing Asian pornstar that proves the star she is. Cindy Starfall makes this list at no 8. Cindy may not be as beautiful as some of the other names on this list but who gives a fuck, we’re here to talk about how well she gets down on screens and damn does she get nasty.

Cindy has always just wanted to fuck since losing her virginity at 18 after which she became very slutty. She became a big name after becoming a glamor model in 2011 and moving up the ladder ever since.

Where to Find Cindy Starfall Scenes

You can find Cindy Starfall on Brazzers and Evil Angel.


Top Asian pornstar #7: Polly Pons

polly pons porn

Birthday: October 1991

Ethnicity: Thai/French 

Nationality: Thai/ French 

Height: 5’2

Measurements: 34/25/32

Bra Size: B

After having her first erotic scene shot with Video Marc Dorcel in 2017, Polly Pon’s career has only gotten more exciting, working with even bigger studios like Porn Box, Team Skeet and so many more. 

This sexy thai pornstar is naturally gifted at adult entertainment, you can tell from her scenes that she’s doing exactly what she was made for. Her high level of sexuality and flair earns her a spot so high up the list at no 7.

Where to Find Polly Pons Scenes

You can find Polly Pons on PornBox.


Top Asian pornstar #6: Lulu Chu

lulu chu porn

Birthday: January 2001 

Ethnicity: Chinese 

Nationality: Chinese 

Height: 4’10

Measurements: 32/24/34

Bra Size: B

A real petite Queen that loves huge cocks and good fucks. Lulu Chu is all about the moment with her content and her millions of fans around the world can attest to that, for that reason, she makes this list at no 6.

Lulu is a freaky sex machine that doesn’t let her small stature limit what she could do with a fat cock. She uses her smallish stature to her advantage and is way up there in porn when it comes to the submissive niche. 

Where to Find Lulu Chu Scenes

You can find Lulu Chu on Brazzers.


Top Asian pornstar #5: Alexia Anders

alexia anders porn

Birthday: August 1998

Ethnicity: Filipino/Salvadoran 

Nationality: American 

Height: 5’3

Measurements: 33/22/31

Bra Size: C Cup

Yes, guys, we are so close to my top 3 Asian pornstars exciting out of the screens but before that, you all know we wouldn’t have a list of exotic Asian pornstars without mentioning the ever-beautiful Alexia Anders. 

I’m just going to be naughty and say Alexia is one of the Queens of sensuality in porn. There’s just something about the way she looks that instantly has me wet and drippy. She has been masturbating since a very young age so it’s no surprise she knows her way around a body, especially a woman’s body. 

Where to Find Alexia Anders Scenes

You can find Alexia Anders on Reality Kings and Team Skeet.


Top Asian pornstar #4: Vina Sky

vina sky porn

Birthday: March 1999

Ethnicity: Vietnamese 

Nationality: American 

Height: 5ft

Measurements: 32/22/32

Bra Size: B 

Vina makes number 4 on this list because of her crazy self-pleasure sessions. She loves touching herself or using dildos and other sex toys to create such erotic content, it could drive one crazy and a mama like me, of course I like it. 

Aside from that, Vina is also extremely beautiful and very sensual which anybody would crave spending some quality sex time with.  

Where to Find Vina Sky Scenes

She has worked with big studios such as Brazzers and Naughty America.


Top Asian pornstar #3: Alina Li

alina li porn

Birthday: September 1994

Ethnicity: Chinese 

Nationality: American 

Height: 5’8

Measurements: 34/21/34

Bra Size: B

At number 3 we have the sumptuous Alina Li. Most of you know who this diva is already, she has been in the sex entertainment business for quite a while and started just two months after finishing high school.

Alina’s content is everywhere, she’s made sure to share her sexy ass with so many studios that she has already been featured in over a hundred videos and been fucked by hundreds of people. There’s just so much to check out and enjoy when it comes to Alina and she never offers anything but an explicitly stimulating experience. 

Where to Find Alina Li Scenes

You can find Alina Li on Mofos, Evil Angel and POVD.


Top Asian pornstar #2: Jade Kush

jade kush porn

Birthday: September 1998

Ethnicity: Chinese 

Nationality: American 

Height: 5’1

Measurements: 31/24/33

Bra Size: E

At number 2, jade comes so close to the very top of the list but yet so far. If you ask me, she’s come in at a great position and that’s all thanks to her extremely sensual and erotic porn content.

With her very visually appealing naturally massive tits, Jade could easily have come in at no 1 on this list. She could also suck and fuck all day long whether it’s with ladies or men. She loves so many positions and is always willing to try new things some of which I’ve personally taken a few lessons from. 

Where to Find Jade Kush Scenes

You can find Jade Kush on Team Skeet, Reality Kings, and BangBros.


Top Asian pornstar #1: Rae Lil Black

rae lil black porn

Name: Rae Lil Black 

Birthday: August 1996

Ethnicity: Japanese 

Nationality: Japanese 

Height: 5ft

Measurements: 27/26/33

Bra Size: C

Yes you suckers, we are finally at the top of the list, the biggest of the biggest, the nastiest of the nasty. I don’t even know where to start from in describing such an audacious and extremely sexually erotic porn star. This bitch gets me wet for days on end. If you love Asian porn, then you love Rae Lil Black. 

She is one of the biggest names in porn with Asian descent not just because of her crazy sexual appeal but her whole passionate attitude towards porn. An Asian bitch like no other, Rae is in so much demand she probably has no time for anything else. 

Her sexy ass is loved and worshiped by fans all over the world. She has millions of followers all over social media where she promotes her hot sexual encounters and so much more. 

Where to Find Rae Lil Black Scenes

You can find Rae Lil Black’s best videos on Brazzers, Reality Kings and LetsDoeIt.




These days, so many porn fans are finding themselves fascinated by tasty Asian porn content. This has made it necessary to evaluate all these sexy ass pornstars of Asian descent up to the very best. Obviously, there are more than 30 amazing Asian pornstars but one thing’s for sure, every name on this list merits their number for whatever reason.