Best Hentai Games online for PC, iOS, and Android

If you’re horny for hentai games, then this review list will definitely scratch your itch!

Whether it’s hentai games for PC, hentai games for iOS, or hentai games for Android, you’ll find all the top Asian xxx anime games in this review list.

Have you ever played an adult game before? And no, I don’t mean strip poker or some other weird card game that you played with a bunch of drunk friends in college. If not, you don’t know what you’re missing! If that’s the case, let me fill you in quickly.

Imagine a fantasy sex scene with great hentai animation (i.e., anime but kinky and definitely nsfw), only it’s a game, and you get to control how the game plays out. Some adult sex games are basic, like puzzles, while others are complex RPGs (role playing games) or visual novels that have you click through a full story.

Along with VR porn games, online hentai sex games are trending upward. What do I mean by that? Well, nowadays, it seems all the fappers are getting into online porn games. The artists and technology are getting better every day, and the types of content these porn creators are able to produce – especially the dynamism of these porn games – is mindblowing. 

So, what are you waiting for? The time for anime porn games is now!

What is eroge?

Eroge is a type of erotic video game that originated and was popularized in Japan. The first eroge video game was created and distributed in the 1980s, and since then the porn industry exploded with many sub-genres of eroges.

For example, some eroges are created with a large focus on erotic scenes. In fact, with some of these games, all you’re going to get is sex scene after sex scene after sex scene, which is the content that most eroge players are looking for. However, there are also some games that largely focus on a different story line, with only occasional scenes that have erotic content (e.g., a visual novel titled Kanon).

As a whole, the category of eroge has faced quite a lot of criticism in Japan, and many games are not offered on major platforms. Because of Japan’s censorship laws, all eroge produced in Japan has censored any and all depictions of genitalia. However, as there is a black market for everything, many eroge games are made available to play without the censoring of genitalia. When it comes to porn, it’ll find its way to the users one way or another, no matter what country it’s in! 

For the most part, eroge games take the form of dating sims (i.e., make decisions to get a character to date you and have sex with you) or visual novels (i.e., pictures of scenes telling a story, which allow you to make decisions to guide the story). There are other types or eroge, but dating sims and visual novels appear to be the most popular. Other eroge game styles include role playing games, sex simulators, and puzzle games, among others.

What types of hentai games to expect 

First, you should know that these games are so fun and so sexy that they’re pretty addictive. If you thought it was fun to watch porn, wait until you play some of these games – especially the hentai RPG games and the 3D hentai games.

What kind of games should you expect from this review list? Here are some of the types of games you’ll find in the world of hentai gaming.

Hentai Puzzle Games

Hentai puzzle games are simple as they sound. Solve a puzzle, get rewarded with porn. The puzzles might be dominoes, or a simple card game, or tic-tac-toe… you get it. There’s not much else to it, but these can be quite fun despite the simplicity.

Hentai Visual Novels

Imagine photos depicting scenes that start casual and soon get sexual. You make decisions about what happens in each scene, and that sends you down different story lines. Make the right decisions and you get rewarded with a fun sex scene.

Hentai RPGs (JRPGS)

This type of game is fairly popular in the hentai porn game world. Arguably the best type of game because it is engaging and relatively easy to play, Japanese RPGs involve you playing as a character, moving throughout a city or a small world, and making decisions and having interactions that lead you towards a certain goal. RPGs can have many themes, but these hentai RPGs will always be sexually themed, obviously! Meet the right characters, accomplish the right tasks, and make the right choices, and you’ll be rewarded with some hentai treats to satisfy your horniness! 

Hentai Action-Adventure Games

These are a bit more rare, but they still come up from time to time. Imagine a more classic video game, where a player is moving through a world and accomplishing action-adventure style tasks (e.g., evade enemies, find objects). As always, there’s hentai porn as a reward when you do a good job in these games, and that’s worth playing for! 

Hentai Dating Sims and Sex Sims

These are the most complex types of games, but these are usually the most engaging and the most dynamic. Seduce a sexy Asian babe and follow-up your meeting with some hardcore sex. Establish an identity in a new city, meet women, get them to fall in love with you, then have lots of sex! Some of these are VR games, but not all of them have VR capacity. Some just have 3D gameplay, but don’t let that deter you. All these games are worth your time.

If you’re looking for the best hentai game to play for PC (i.e., desktop), and Android and iOS mobile devices, you won’t want to miss the next two sections. Keep reading!

Most recommended hentai games for PC

There are many hentai games for PC I would recommend, but I’ll tell you about 2 of them right now: VR Kanojo and Koikatsu Party.

With VR Kanojo, you play a character who gets to interact with a beautiful naked Sakura Yuuhi. You get to interact with her bit by bit, and the vibe quickly turns to sexual. The graphics of this game are absolutely incredible, and the quality of the hentai animation is top notch. This might be the most realistic hentai game you’ll ever come across, and that’s saying a lot! Remember, this is a virtual reality game, so a proper VR headset will get you the best experience.

With Koikatsu Party, you can create a custom Asian hentai babe, customizing everything from her body type, her breast size, to her personality! Then, enjoy a mix of dating sim and visual novel as you navigate the world of Koikatsu Party with your brand new perfectly-designed Asian heart-throb!

Most recommended hentai games for Android and iOS mobile

Similar to the PC games, I could tell you about so many great hentai games for your mobile devices. Out of all the mobile porn games for Android and iOS, I want to tell you about 1 right now: FAP CEO.

With FAP CEO, you play the CEO of a video-chat empire, and you spend your days interviewing hot Asian hentai babes. Work your charm and get these babes horny, then you know what comes next! This is a dating sim game that gets you awesome rewards for running your business and charming the job candidates.

Final thoughts on the best hentai games

It’s crazy to imagine what the hentai game scene will look like in 5 or 10 years from now, considering how fast the market is growing and technology is advancing. What kind of erotic game will they have available when we have flying cars?! That’ll be a wild day!

But until then, we have quite a lot of hentai games for adults online to enjoy. You can play these games on your PC, or on Android and iOS mobile. Importantly, not every game will be compatible with every operating system. Still, you have so many options to choose from that finding an enjoyable game shouldn’t be too much for you to handle. 

Plus, with my review list, you can be sure that you’ll have the ultimate porn gaming experience. Why? Because I only review adult content – in this case, online hentai games – that is high-quality and trustworthy. If you’re looking for some steamy hentai sex games that won’t give your computer or mobile phone a virus, then you’re looking in the right place! 

If you enjoy hentai games and found this list helpful, why not check out another review list I made about the best Asian sex games. This is a bit more broad than just hentai, and includes a variety of sites online sex games, all Asian-themed, of course. 

Go get interactive and enjoy some hot hentai games! The porn videos will always be there for you when you want to watch them. Why not mix things up and play some hentai porn games instead?

1 Family Simulator

Indulge your taboo fantasies and fuck your family members in Family Simulator, one of the most popular online porn games.

2 Sweet Affection

Find true love or just a quick fuck in this hot Asian cartoon porn game, Sweet Affection. Start now and unlock tons of sexy pics.

3 Nutaku

Enjoy the affection of some big tittie Hentai babes by checking out Nutaku, an engaging and fun Hentai porn game.

4 Unmemaro 3D Hentai

This 3D cartoon will allow you to roleplay and eventually, lead a hot teacher to fuck her student! Try Unmemaro 3D Hentai today!

5 Meet & Fuck - Ocean Cruise

Click your way through Meet & Fuck – Ocean Cruise, and see how many hot Asian babes you can seduce and fuck!

6 Honry Nuns

Play Horny Nuns today and enjoy these hot and horny nuns having lesbian sex with each other, then get fucked by the horny priest!

7 Shards Of Her

Shards of Her is a hyper-realistic online sex game centered around a demi-god, Michael, and his quest for love and sex.

8 Super Bj

In Super BJ, you click to advance the story, which involves animations of hot Asians and Japanese babes sucking and fucking.

9 Fuck-O-Licious

Fuck-O-Licious is one of the top Hentai porn games that everyone seems to be fapping to these days. Why not check it out?

10 Robozou Doll Play

Robozou Doll Play is a dating simulation game that lets you roam, speak to characters, and have wild sex too!

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